Welcome to an unforgettable 10-day expedition where you can journey through the most iconic destinations in Israel. Here you will be able to get an idea of how much you will be able to achieve in those 10 days in Israel. So if you’re seeking help in your 10 day Israel itinerary you came to the right place.


Arrival and settling

  • Arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv.
  • Check into your hotel or kosher rental in Yerushalayim and settle in.
  • Go to the Kosel and Daven.
  • Visit the old city of Jerusalem and learn all about our vast history as it comes to life in the
    Southern Wall Excavations.
  • Take the Tunnel tours, and virtually journey through 2,000 years of our history.

Exploring Yerushalayim further

  • Take a tour of the old city with Tzvi Satt, and learn about the ancient history that binds all of us to Yiddishkeit today.
  • Have lunch in Mamilla
  • Go on a tour of the Shuk with Tova, and get the real experience.
  • Dinner at Skyline, a rooftop restaurant near Central Station, with Rabanut Mehadrin Hashgacha.

A day in Chevron

  • Take a stop by Kever Rochel.
  • Head to Chevron. The amazing tour guided by Rav Simcha Hachboum is sure to be a highlight of your trip
  • Have an uplifting davening by the Kivrei Avos,
  • Enjoy the Gush Etzion winery tour, and watch the fascinating process of wine making, and taste the end result.
  • Enjoy lunch amid the green vineyards at The Gush Etzion Winery’s Mehadrin restaurant, offering fish and dairy dishes.
  • Have a blast ATVing in the gush, a great experience for the whole family ages 3+
  • Dinner at the local’s favorite Papagaio’s, a Brazilian style meat restaurant, with the OU hashgacha.

The Dead Sea and more

  • On your way down to the Dead Sea stop by Genesis Land, an experience your kids will love that lets you be a part of the Tanach story, including fresh Pita baking.
  • Hike or take a cable car up Masada, a great ancient fortress on a mountain over looking the Dead Sea, and learn about its history.
  • Ein Gedi is great for the adventurous ones in your family, hike up a beautiful trail and beat the heat by splashing around the waterfalls.
  • Visit the separate beach and float on the salty waters; there’s nothing more iconic in Israel than that.

A visit to Bnei Barak

  • Elevate your trip by Meeting with Gedolim, and just seeing the city that’s the center of yeshivos, and Torah institutions are an experience for everyone.
  • Drive to Chulon and take a tour of the famous blind museum.
  • Rent a Yacht in Hertzelia for the day. There’s an option to have dinner on the yacht from Lechem Basar

The vibrant streets of Yerushalayim on a Friday

  • On a Friday Geula is the place to be. Walk around the bustling streets and if there’s any last-minute Shabbos shopping you may need now is the perfect time and place!
  • Beis Yisroel
  • The Shuk on a Friday is a quiet the scene, enjoy the lively atmosphere.
  • Head back to your rental to get ready for Shabbos

Shabbos in Yerushalayim

  • Whether you’re staying in Rechavia, the Old City, or Hanevi’im, the roads will become quiet and pedestrianized, allowing you to truly feel the Kedusha in the air. At night, the streets fill with the sounds of singing and Davening.
  • Spend with family you may have in Israel and rest after a long week of exciting activities.

Tour Northern Israel

  • Make a stop at Kfar Kedem a must for every tourist, where you can experience hands-on life in the ancient times.
  • Tornado boating in Akko is super fun!
  • Rosh Hanikra is a captivating sight. Take a cable car ride to see the grottoes, tunnels formed by sea action on the soft chalk rock.
  • Have dinner by “Hatzuk” restaurant in Rosh Hanikra

Tsfas and surrounding area

  • Your first stop will be the Kinneret. Chill by the separate beach of Teveria.
  • Have Lunch at Decks. This Israeli-style steakhouse sits right by the water, treating you to a stunning view that’ll take your breath away. Certified by the local Rabanut.
  • Tsfas- Hire a local guide and take a tour of Tsfat, exploring the old city. For the full Tsfas experience take a musical tour.
  • Amuka is the Kever of Rabbi Yonatan Ben Uziel. Davening at the Kever is known to draw down much Bracha.
  • Meron- Kever Rashbi is well known and holds a special place in the hearts of many.
  • Have dinner at Kamisa winery restaurant.
DAY 10

Exploring the Golan

  • You can’t go to the Golan in the summertime without hiking through Majrase. Majrase is the place where several Golan streams merge together on their way to the Kinneret. It offers both a wet and a dry trail. The wet trail involves walking right through the stream, which can be incredibly refreshing on a hot summer day.
  • Stop by Naseeba Druze Chef for lunch and have an authentic Druze experience. The Hechsher is “Igud Harabanim”
  • Mt. Bental- The best view yet of the Golan Heights and Syria! Explore the old army bunkers and underground living quarters.
  • Stop by Golan Heights winery for a tour.
  • On your way to the airport for your return flight, we highly recommend you to stop by the Mehadrin restaurant “Hazalbanim” in Caesarea.
  • Board your flight home.

This example itinerary can be tailored to suit your exact needs. Just let us know in advance what arrangements and specific attractions you want! Enjoy your trip to Israel.

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A 10-day trip to Israel can be an enriching and memorable
experience. From exploring ancient sites to enjoying the vibrant beaches, Israel offers a diverse range of activities. With proper planning, this itinerary promises an unforgettable adventure in Israel.



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