About Us

Who We Are: Since 2009, Plan-It Israel has been helping clients from around the world make meaningful  memorable experiences across Israel.  Our team of concierges brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that is unmatched in the  experience planning industry. Our team’s diverse knowledge includes experience in planning  meals, activities, luxury transportation, and anything else a group of any size needs. We have a  proven track record for innovation and creativity while staying on time and on budget.

Our Services Include:

  • Transportation: From sedans to luxury coach buses, Plan-It arranges transportation for groups  of all sizes to any region of the country. Our drivers are reliable, and every car is well  maintained to ensure that your trip is pleasant and comfortable.
  • Accommodations: Where you stay makes all the difference. Whether looking for an apartment  with a view of the old city or a house with a private pool, you will find a special place among  Plan-It’s exclusive rental listings that’s just right for you.  
  • Catering: Whether you need a private chef for Yom Tov, or Shabbos meals delivered to your  hotel, Plan-It will handle everything. A special diet? Food-fussy children? Looking for an  exclusive menu designed by a world-class chef? Not a problem. We will create anything your  palate desires.  
  • Itinerary Planning: Your concierge knows just about everything there is to do in Israel. When  planning an itinerary with your concierge there is no need to worry. They will take into account  many variables including the size and ages of those in the group, travel time, specific interests,  and food to name a few.

We excel at planning incredible vacations and events for families and groups of all sizes. We provide impeccable service, attention to detail, and logistical planning to ensure a memorable experience for the whole family. 

The next time you go to Israel, let us take care of the planning so you can relax and enjoy an incredible time with your family.

You deserve it.