Kosher vacation destinations provide a diverse array of options for travelers seeking the perfect
getaway. Whether you desire a stunning beachfront resort, a serene mountain retreat, or an
exciting safari adventure or glatt kosher cruise, you’re sure to find the ideal Kosher vacation
that suit your preferences.

Plan it israel has bifurcated some of the best kosher vacation destinations across the globe.


Embark on a transformative journey with Kosher Travel in Warsaw with a guided tour of the
Museum of the History of Polish Jews, where you’ll delve into 1,000 years of Jewish life. Pay
respects at poignant sites like the Warsaw Ghetto monument and Umschlagplatz. Continue your
journey to Kraków, making stops in Wrocław and Lodz, to learn about the prosperous textile
industry built by Jews. In Kraków’s Kazimierz district, visit surviving Shuls and a prewar

During this unforgettable journey, you will witness the profound impact of the Holocaust at the
Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum and the expanded Auschwitz Jewish Center. As you visit
these historical sites, you will gain a deep connection to our roots, celebrate the revival of
Jewish life today.


Explore the captivating allure of Italy, a living amalgamation of the past and the future. Embark
on a grand tour that unveils the splendor of Rome, the Renaissance charm of Florence, and the
enchanting magic of Venice’s first Jewish Ghetto. Immerse in the breathtaking beauty of the
northern Italian lakes, the ancient wonders of Siena and the mesmerizing water displays of
Tivoli’s Villa d’Este. As you indulge in Italy’s finest cuisine, this extraordinary holiday promises an
unforgettable journey.


A captivating traveler’s haven, Greece preserves its rich heritage, blending modernity with
ancient culture. Nature’s wonders abound, from valleys and mountains to stone-clad mountain
villages and mesmerizing hanging monasteries. Abundant rivers and a profound Jewish history
add to the unique allure, promising an unforgettable journey through time and culture.
Jungle Safari

South Africa:

South Africa is known for its diverse wildlife and offers excellent safari experiences in places like
Kruger National Park and Sabi Sands Game Reserve. Johannesburg, in particular, has a
significant Jewish population and a range of kosher-friendly options for travelers.


India’s rich wildlife thrives in dense forests, protected by reserves, parks, and sanctuaries, offering exciting jungle safaris. It offers unique wildlife experiences in places like Ranthambore National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, and others.

Costa Rica:

Explore rainforests, hot springs, national parks, wildlife tours, and river rafting. Popular vacation
spot with great weather and exciting adventures. Costa Rica in Central America offers wonderful
rainforest and wildlife experiences. There’s also an active Jewish community and kosher food in
San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica.

East Africa:

Places like Kenya, Tanzania, and the Serengeti are famous for their endless open savannas
and boast unrivaled concentrations of game. While finding kosher food can be more
challenging, these countries are friendly to different religious groups, and options for shipping
kosher food are available. With the help of Chabad, visiting East Africa has increased in
popularity among kosher groups. Moreover, local resorts and tent owners eagerly welcome
and accommodate kosher groups. Plan it Israel happily offers help planning and managing trips to
East Africa and takes care of all meals.


Embark on an extraordinary tour of Croatia, sailing through the captivating Adriatic coastline
from Zagreb’s urban charm to the famous Plitvice Lakes, the ancient allure of Split with its
Diocletian Palace, the mesmerizing waterfalls of Krka National Park, the luxurious island retreat
of Hvar, and the legendary beauty of Dubrovnik. Delight in cultural experiences with certified
local guides, and yachting adventures to enhance your journey. There are no kosher
restaurants in Croatia but the Bet Israel Community annually publishes a list of available kosher

Spain and Portugal

Welcome to a journey through some of Spain and Portugal’s most enchanting destinations, with Plan It Israel guiding the way. Discover the charms of Costa Brava and Costa del Sol, two of Spain’s most popular tourist locations.

In between these well-known locations, we’ll also explore the rich Jewish history that exists in Toledo, Andalusia, and Catalonia, which has been influenced by the Spanish Inquisition for a long time. With its tight-knit Jewish community, Gibraltar, a historically and geographically significant British colony, welcomes us and promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Portugal, with its breathtaking Atlantic coastline, mountains, vineyards, and welcoming locals
rediscovering their Jewish roots, offers a hidden gem of culture, art, and hospitality, creating an
unforgettable experience. Theres a Kosher 4 stars hotel called “Hotel da Música” located in


Embark on a captivating journey of Jewish Heritage Tours in Morocco, tracing the holy trail of
historic synagogues and sacred tombs. Immerse yourself in the vibrant markets and spice
souks, while capturing the allure of old Jewish Quarters. Admire breathtaking landscapes and
famous Moroccan sunsets, exploring Andalusian gardens and embarking on camel safaris in the


Experience the ultimate luxury while exploring its modern and visually impressive cityscape.
Discover ancient Jewish history, embrace common heritage with Muslims, and celebrate the
historic Abraham Accords. Witness the world’s tallest tower, artificial islands, old town charm,
green parks, deserts, beaches, diving sites, extreme sports, and indulge in luxurious and
hospitable kosher hotels, such as Amari hotel and Jumeirah Creekside hotel.


As you travel through Yerushalayim, Tveriyah, Tzfas, and the Golan, it’s not hard to find Kosher
eating options. Being a Jewish country, Israel offers a lot of kosher restaurants and products
that are sold across the country. But yet, be sure to check hashgachos wherever you go to
make sure it’s the right standard for you. There are plenty of accessible high standards of
Kashrus restaurants that will take your vacation to another level. Moreover, there are lesserknown Kosher restaurants in quieter parts of the country that offer a lovely experience. Many
travelers especially enjoy taking winery tours; Israel prides itself on the wide range of
exceptional wineries from the north to the south of the country. From Psagot, a well-known
boutique winery, to Flam, located in the heart of a forest near Eshtaol, you can indulge in unique
and delightful wine experiences.

Experience Kosher Traveling in Israel, enjoying the many Kosher options the country offers.
Explore the country’s rich Jewish heritage and enjoy a worry-free stay in high standard Kosher
hotels. Indulge in delicious meals at Kosher restaurants and bakeries while immersing yourself
in the beauty of Israel’s sights.


Kosher travelers can embark on unforgettable journeys to some of the world’s most enticing
destinations. From the historical charm to the wildlife experiences and the scenic beauty, Planit israel will help you make memories of a lifetime.

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