Upsherin Planning

Surrounded by dancing, singing, and the thousands who go up to Meron for Lag B’Omer, making an Upsherin in Meron is sure to create memories for a lifetime. With Plan-It you can rest assured that everything is taken care of, from the pekalach to the photographer to a private venue and chef, no detail is overlooked and every personal request is tended to so you may relax and enjoy this momentous occasion.


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For hundreds of years, Jews have been flocking to the holy kever of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai for their little boys’ first haircut. Each with their own minhagim, the singing, dancing, and sweets last in a child’s memory as an exciting start to learning Torah and sporting tzitzis and payos. On Lag BaOmer, the biggest annual event in Israel, with hundreds of thousands of visitors throughout the day, the occasion is even more memorable. Being one myriads of yidden dancing around dozens enormous bonfires, with live music all night, is an experience your little boy—and you—will never forget.Let Plan-It Israel take care of the planning your simcha, so no important details get lost in the crowd. We’ll arrange safe, reliable transportation for everyone in your group, so no one misses out on this unique experience. We can arrange for all of the event details, from gourmet catering to music to pekelach for the kids. Have you been dreaming of tiny blue cupcakes and tzitzis cookies for months? So have our party planners and caterers. We’ll make sure that the photographer, barber, and babysitters we arrange are not only courteous and professional, but also have experience with young children. We want the whole family to have a wonderful experience! Is there a special Admor or Gadol you want to meet? Let us know, and we’ll make the plans.

From the moment you land, our concierge services have you covered. We can arrange VIP airport service as well as reliable transportation for your whole trip, car seats included. Our staff can help you find the perfect accommodations for your group, anywhere in Israel. Choose from hundreds of luxury apartments and villas or let us book hotel rooms in the city of your choice. With our professional cleaning services, you can focus on your family and enjoy a fresh, clean apartment. Every good vacation includes the most delicious food. Our catering services go beyond big events; we’ll make sure you have heimish Shabbos meals and the best gourmet food, including kid-friendly options. We know the best local places to eat, as well, all with the most reliable hashgachos.

Our itinerary services are ready to plan family activities for your entire stay. We know the best activities for young children in any location, whether you want zoos, museums, amusement parks, workshops, or shows. Why not let us arrange a family tour of a tzitzis so your little baal simcha and the whole family can see how they are made? The adults are on vacation, too. Take advantage of our babysitting services and take some time for yourself, as well! No matter if you’re visiting for a few days or weeks, we’ll put together an itinerary that fits your group’s size and speed.

If you have a question or request about any aspect of your event or your whole trip to Israel, feel free to ask. Let us know what you need to make this a perfect experience, and we’ll Plan-It for you!


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