When it comes to convenience, luxury kosher villas offer many advantages than hotels. Plan it israel presents you 5 benefits of Kosher Villa over Hotel.

The demand for private luxury kosher villas has increased dramatically, outpacing that of luxury hotels, as more and more tourists look for distinctive vacation experiences. Numerous amenities offered by luxury villas frequently outweigh those of luxury hotels.

When it comes to convenience, luxury kosher villas offer numerous advantages that many luxury hotels cannot match. This is why most travelers opt to spend their holidays in Kosher vacation rentals.

Plan it israel has prepared a few key benefits of choosing a luxury villa over a luxury hotel and why you should consider booking one for your next vacation.

Personalised Experience

Luxurious private villas offer a customised experience meant to forge enduring personal memories. These villas provide the perfect environment, whether you’re organising an event or just spending time with close family.

You can hire a private chef to prepare delicious meals for you and your party while you’re there, according to your tastes in food and flavour and Kashrus standards. Furthermore, the committed team at the villa is at your disposal to offer you first-rate support in every manner they can, guaranteeing that your wants and requirements are fulfilled with the highest care and consideration.

As the only residents of the villa, you and your family will have our staff members’ full attention, resulting in a really remarkable experience.

Privacy & Exclusivity

Why settle for sharing your accommodation with strangers when you can indulge in the amenities of a private luxury villa? A private luxury villa serves as an idyllic haven for relaxation during your vacation. One of the notable advantages of staying in a private luxury villa is the exclusivity it provides.

Numerous vacation rental homes are situated in secluded areas, far from the bustling crowds. By opting for a private luxury kosher vacation rentals, you can enjoy the entire property exclusively, including features like a private gym, an infinity pool, a personal spa room, and much more.

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Dedicated Villa Manager & Staff

An outstanding degree of service is offered by private luxury villas, which have a committed staff that looks out for the needs of their visitors. This group usually comprises of a private chef and a villa manager. These employees stay with you for the duration of your visit so they may become acquainted with your preferences.

This removes the hassle of having to give instructions or repeat requests to other staff members.

Home Away from Home

On Sukkos and Pesach feel right at home. Enjoy your own Seder table and your own splendid Sukkah making your Yom-Tov be real family time away from home.

Step into a world of unparalleled luxury and find solace in the exquisite confines of a private villa that effortlessly captures the essence of a home away from home. Impeccably crafted to blend lavish comfort with an inviting atmosphere, these private luxury villas promise an unparalleled retreat.

Discover a wealth of modern amenities within these private luxury villas, encompassing expansive dining areas, big kitchens, exquisitely designed bedrooms, and meticulously manicured gardens that epitomize sheer elegance.

Perfect for Groups

Choosing to stay in a luxury hotel often results in limited quality time for your group, as there is a high likelihood of being assigned separate rooms on different floors. Additionally, sharing common areas like the lobby or restaurant with other hotel guests may not be ideal.

On the other hand, opting for a private luxury villa typically ensures that everyone in your group stays together under one roof. The proximity of the rooms allows for easy access and convenience. Moreover, the villa usually boasts spacious dining areas, enabling everyone to enjoy Shabbos and Yom-Tov meals together. Not only does booking a single private kosher vacation rentals for your entire group enhance cohesion, but it also proves to be more cost- effective.


Elevate your vacation to new heights of safety, enjoyment, and unforgettable memories with Plan it israel. Instead of browsing through countless hotel booking websites, let us convince you to choose the charm and privacy of a private and luxury kosher villa.

Make 2023 the year of extraordinary holidays where your well-being is prioritized, your enjoyment is amplified, and every moment becomes a cherished memory.

Thank you!

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Published July 12, 2023

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