Israel on a Budget: How to plan an affordable israel itinerary

Israel is a popular travel destination that draws millions of visitors annually due to its breathtaking natural beauty and historical significance. The country’s tourist population is also continuously growing. Whether you’re excited to travel to Israel on your alone, with a significant other, friends, or family, it’s important to know that this place isn’t inexpensive.

Is it possible to travel around Israel and plan an Israel itinerary on a budget, a question that lingers in the minds of every potential traveller?

Plan it israel says Yes! 

Despite the costs, there are numerous ways to plan an Israel itinerary without breaking the bank. Cities like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv offer plenty of free and low-cost activities to keep you entertained. 

So, worry not, as I unveil the secrets of traveling on a budget in the fascinating land of Israel.

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Nostalgic Hostel Experience

If you are a low-budget traveller who wants to see Israel, you might want to think about booking a hostel rather than a hotel. For a cost-effective way to find and compare backpacker accommodations in Israel, check out Hostel World or other such websites.

These hostels are available in several locations, including the Sea of Galilee, Eilat, Ein Gedi, Masada, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. Together with breakfast, they offer simple but clean and comfortable lodging; some even have additional features like swimming pools. All things considered, it’s a desirable choice for a comfortable and affordable stay.

Free/Low-Cost Things to Do

Israel is renowned worldwide for its iconic religious and tourist attractions, but there are numerous opportunities to experience the country’s wonders without spending a penny. Israel offers several captivating destinations that come with no admission fees. Some of these places you can include in your Israel Itinerary are:

  • Haifa Gardens
  • Gorgeous beaches along Israel’s   coast
  • Visit the Machane Yehuda Market
  • Walk the Haas-Sherover-Goldman promenades
  • Visit a park – Wohl Rose Park, Teddy Park, and Liberty Bell Park are great
  • See exotic birds at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory
  • Get a photo of the 18-meter-high impressive Montefiore Windmill
  • Explore the Port of Tel Aviv and the Port of Jaffa
  • Visit the Ben-Gurion House Museum
  • Head to the beach – banana beach, Frishman Beach, and Gordon Beach are all fantastic – swim, relax, or sunbathe.
  • Relax in Hayarkon Park

Opt For Street Food

Israel offers affordable food products, particularly fruits, and vegetables, but restaurants tend to have high prices, and alcoholic beverages can be quite costly. If you’re looking for inexpensive and delicious local food, street food in Israel is highly recommended, with options like pita with falafel, sabich, shawarma, or a simple plate of hummus. These dishes, often vegetarian or vegan-friendly, can easily satisfy your hunger on a budget.

To maintain a budget-friendly approach, you can also shop at local markets, engage in home cooking, limit dining out, and explore off-the-beaten-path locations rather than sticking to popular tourist hotspots.


Using public transport in Israel is a cost-effective way to visit all of the major sites. The country boasts a sophisticated and efficient public transit system with multiple options such as shared taxis, buses, trains, and even bicycles.

Walking is another useful mode of transportation in cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Walking not only provides an inexpensive way to get around these cities, but it’s also an affordable way to see a lot of places.

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Exchange currency in advance 

To avoid unfavourable exchange rates and unnecessary fees, it is advisable to change your local currency into New Israeli Shekels either before your departure or after you have arrived in Israel. Exchanging money at airports often results in less favourable rates, which can be disadvantageous. Similarly, withdrawing money from ATMs upon arrival may also incur poorer rates and potential fees.

Travel off-season (If possible)

Escape the tourist rush and high expenses of Christmas and summer holidays, and instead, enjoy the moderate temperatures and lower prices during fall and spring seasons. Discover the hidden secret that many tourists overlook—the unparalleled beauty and affordability of off-peak travel. 


I believe that these steps will assist you in planning a fantastic trip. Check if you need a visa for the place you plan to visit, and confirm that the dates you have chosen coincide with your 7-day itinerary in Israel. Once you have your ticket and lodging reserved, you can move further. Finally, relish the planning process with Plan it israel and have fun as you go. We hope your trip to Israel is amazing!

Thank You!

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Published June 21, 2023

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