VIP service provider Plan it Israel aims to make travelling as comfortable and relaxed as possible by guiding you through Ben Gurion airport process.

Traveling through the airport can often be a stressful experience. The airport is typically the last place you’d want to spend your time due to the long queues, heavy luggage, and complex procedures. 

The goal of VIP services provided by Plan it Israel is to make travelers as comfortable and relaxed as possible by guiding them through all airport processes. VIP services are perfectly tailored to meet the ever-evolving challenges of modern-day international travel. If your priority is traveling in exceptional comfort, all while benefiting from affordable prices, then airport VIP services are specially designed for you. 

Plan a trip to Israel by opting for VIP services, you’ll not only benefit from having a dedicated greeter to seamlessly guide you through all the airport procedures associated with arrival, transit or departure, but you’ll also enjoy a host of perks that come with using these services. 

Understanding the Layout 

Before embarking on your journey, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the layout of the airport, with the assistance of the Trip Planner Israel. Ben Gurion Airport, for example, comprises 2 terminals: Terminal 1 & Terminal 3. Each terminal handles different types of flights, and knowing which one you’ll be departing from or arriving at will save you time and reduce stress. 

Booking VIP Services 

Experience top-notch VIP services with Plan It Israel. For travelers seeking seamless and convenient airport experiences, our top-tier services are unparalleled. Contact us now to book your VIP Service.

Benefits of VIP Services 

Personalized Assistance: When you book VIP services, a dedicated agent will be assigned to assist you throughout your airport journey. This means expedited security checks, customs clearance, and baggage handling, making your airport experience hassle-free.

Lounge Access: 

VIP packages often include access to exclusive airport lounges. Enjoy a comfortable environment, complimentary refreshments, and Wi-Fi while waiting for your flight. 

Fast-Track Security:

VIP agents know the fastest routes through security checkpoints, minimizing waiting times and ensuring you make your flight on time. 

Priority Check-in: 

Skip the long lines at check-in counters. VIP services offer priority check-in, allowing you to breeze through the airport procedures.

Avoid Getting Lost: 

Navigating a busy airport can be daunting, but there’s no need to worry. The greeter, available through VIP services, will expertly guide you through airport formalities and ensure you reach your aircraft door seamlessly. 

Optional Porter Services: 

While VIP services provide a high level of assistance, you can request a porter to efficiently carry your luggage to your airport transfer, ensuring a stress-free journey. 

Tailored Airport Transfers: 

We offer the flexibility to organize airport transfers for groups of any size, taking you to your desired destination anywhere in the country, making your travel experience convenient and hassle-free.  

Who Can Take Advantage of Airport VIP Services? 

  • Luxury Travelers
  • Business Travelers
  • First-time Travelers
  • Children traveling alone
  • People traveling with Family
  • People with disabilities
  • Travel Agents

Fattal Terminal at Ben Gurion Airport

Fattal is a renowned name in the hospitality industry, and they have extended their services to Ben Gurion Airport with the Fattal Terminal. Here are some of the benefits of using this terminal:

Exclusive Check-in

Fattal Terminal provides a dedicated check-in area, ensuring a swift and hassle-free start to your journey. 

VIP Lounge Access

Passengers using the Fattal Terminal gain access to an exclusive VIP lounge with comfortable seating, gourmet dining options, and a relaxing atmosphere. 

Enhanced Convenience: 

Enjoy the convenience of being transported to the plane with a VIP vehicle. This service often includes porter services for luggage as well as loading and unloading services from buses, making your travel experience smoother and more comfortable. 

Personalized Service 

Fattal Terminal offers a high level of personalization, ensuring that your travel experience is tailored to your preferences and needs. 

Efficient Security Screening

Security checks at the Fattal Terminal are known for their efficiency, reducing wait times significantly. 


Navigating international airports can be a breeze with the right information and services at your disposal. By booking VIP services through Plan it Israel, and delving into the amenities within the terminals, you can transform your international travel from a mere task to an enjoyable experience. 

Don’t hesitate to explore the array of options offered at Ben Gurion Airport and make the most of the services tailored to meet your requirements. 

Wishing you Safe & Pleasant Travels! 

Published November 3, 2023

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