VIP service provider Plan it Israel helps you navigate the Ben Gurion airport system to make your trip as easy and stress-free as possible.

Airport travel may frequently be a stressful experience. You usually want to avoid spending time at the airport because of the lengthy lines, bulky luggage, and intricate processes.

Plan it Israel VIP services aim to guide passengers through all airport procedures in the most comfortable and relaxing manner possible. VIP services are ideally suited to handle the constantly changing demands of contemporary international travel. Airport VIP services are especially made for you if you prioritize being extremely comfortable while traveling at reasonable costs.

If you choose to use VIP services when planning a trip to Israel, you’ll gain access to a personal greeter who will help you through all of the airport formalities with ease.

Understanding the Layout 

With the help of Trip Planner Israel, make sure you are familiar with the airport’s layout before you go on your trip. For instance, Ben Gurion Airport has two terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. It will save you time and lessen your worry to know which terminal you’ll be arriving at or leaving from because each one handles a different kind of airplane.

Booking VIP Services 

Experience top-notch VIP services with Plan It Israel. For travelers seeking seamless and convenient airport experiences, our top-tier services are unparalleled. Contact us now to book your VIP Service.

Benefits of VIP Services 

Personalized Assistance: A committed representative will be assigned to you when you reserve VIP services, and they will help you during your entire airport experience. This translates to quicker customs processing, baggage handling, and security inspections, making your trip through the airport hassle-free.

Lounge Access: 

Specialized airport lounges are frequently accessible through VIP packages. While you wait for your flight, take advantage of the free drinks, Wi-Fi, and a cozy atmosphere.

Fast-Track Security:

VIP representatives are aware of the quickest paths through security checks, which reduces wait periods and guarantees you board your flight on schedule.

Priority Check-in: 

Avoid the lengthy lineups at the check-in desks. VIP services give you priority check-in, so you can quickly get through airport security.

Avoid Getting Lost: 

It can be intimidating to navigate a crowded airport, but you shouldn’t be concerned. The greeter, who is provided by VIP services, will skillfully assist you with airport procedures and make sure you get to your airplane door without any problems.

Optional Porter Services: 

Although VIP services offer a high degree of assistance, you can ask for a porter to help you travel without stress by carrying your bags to your airport transfer.

Tailored Airport Transfers: 

Plan it israel offers the flexibility to organize airport transfers for groups of any size, taking you to your desired destination anywhere in the country, making your travel experience convenient and hassle-free.  

Who Can Take Advantage of Airport VIP Services? 

  • Luxury Travelers
  • Business Travelers
  • First-time Travelers
  • Children traveling alone
  • People traveling with Family
  • People with disabilities
  • Travel Agents

Fattal Terminal at Ben Gurion Airport

A well-known brand in the hotel sector, Fattal has expanded with the establishment of the Fattal Terminal at Ben Gurion Airport. The following are some advantages of utilizing this terminal:

Exclusive Check-in

Fattal Terminal provides a dedicated check-in area, ensuring a swift and hassle-free start to your journey. 

VIP Lounge Access

Passengers using the Fattal Terminal gain access to an exclusive VIP lounge with comfortable seating, gourmet dining options, and a relaxing atmosphere. 

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Enhanced Convenience: 

Enjoy the convenience of being transported to the plane with a VIP vehicle. This service often includes porter services for luggage as well as loading and unloading services from buses, making your travel experience smoother and more comfortable. 

Personalized Service 

Fattal Terminal offers a high level of personalization, ensuring that your travel experience is tailored to your preferences and needs. 

Efficient Security Screening

Security checks at the Fattal Terminal are known for their efficiency, reducing wait times significantly. 


With the correct information and resources at your disposal, navigating through foreign airports can be a snap. Plan it Israel can help you schedule VIP services, and you may make your overseas trip from a chore to a fun experience by exploring the terminal facilities.

Take advantage of the services customized to fit your needs and don’t be afraid to investigate the variety of possibilities available at Ben Gurion Airport.

Wishing you Safe & Pleasant Travels! 

Thank you!

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Published November 3, 2023

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