Jewish Dishes And Dining Destinations

Kosher food is one of the most compelling reasons to visit Israel. From scrumptious traditional dishes to irresistible Israeli delicacies, the flavors will tantalize your taste buds.

Are you still looking for a reason to plan a trip to Israel?

Embark on Jewish tours in Israel and immerse yourself in the delightful symphony of these dishes which are expertly prepared with superb recipes that you”ll want to eat over and over again.

Treat yourself to the wonders of Israeli food and add a truly unique culinary experience to your Israel itinerary.


Bourekas bakery has become a beloved treat worldwide and captured the hearts and stomachs of food lovers across the Mediterranean.


Imagine biting into a flaky, golden pastry that oozes your taste buds with mouthwatering flavors in the vibrant streets of Israel.

From creamy cheese to savory meats and earthy spinach they deliver innovative dishes and their aroma will greet you everywhere in the bustling market.


The sensational flavors of falafel are Israel’s national dish combined with spiced chickpeas goodness, a crispy exterior, and a warm pita embrace.

Top it off with pickles, tahini, and even french fries for a mouthwatering explosion of taste. The falafel reigns supreme while exploring Jewish tours in Israel.

Israeli Pita Bread

No visit to Israel is truly fulfilled without experiencing genuine Israeli pita bread. Israeli pita bread is a soft, fluffy textured irresistible dish, originating in the heart of the Middle East. 

It can be opened from the center and is the perfect base for Iconic fillings like falafel, shawarma, and sabich sandwiches.


Shawarma is a popular street food in Israel that originated in the Ottoman Empire. 

The impressive presentation with thin slices of meat stacked high on a rotating metal spit is immediately noticed while purchasing it. 

Shawarma is usually prepared using lamb, although chicken variations are also available. Upon placing your order, the meat is thinly cut off and can be enjoyed either in a pita or on a plate.


Kanafeh is a mouth-watering Middle Eastern dessert consisting of a crispy spun pastry filled with warm, melted cheese. 

This fragrant dish is often garnished with rose water, giving it a vibrant orange hue. 

Kanafeh is served in slices, piping hot with pistachios sprinkled at the top as a delightful garnish. It is a perfect combination of crunchiness, cheesiness, and sweetness.


The most prominent dish after falafel is Tahini. It is a simple paste that resembles peanut butter and is made entirely from ground sesame seeds. 

In Israel, tahini is commonly enjoyed alongside nearly every meal, from breakfast to dessert (tahini-flavored ice cream is a must-try thing). 

When purchased from grocery stores, it is available as a thick paste that is usually prepared at home by mixing it with hot water, lemon, and salt.

Potato Latkes

Potato latkes are a customary dish enjoyed and served during Hanukkah.

These are small pancakes made from grated potatoes and fried in a generous amount of oil. 

This dish signifies the oil used by the Jews to light the Menorah after the holy temple was defiled during the conflict with the Syrians in 164 BC. 

Despite having a limited amount of oil for one day, the Menorah’s candle miraculously stayed lit for eight days. 

Therefore, latkes are mainly prepared as a tribute to this miracle.


Baklava is a layered pastry dessert made of filo pastry, filled with chopped nuts, and sweetened with syrup or honey.

It was one of the most popular sweet pastries of the Ottoman cuisine. For centuries, baklava has been a beloved traditional dessert for Israelis, and today it continues to be a favorite snack.

If you’re seeking a delightful Israelitouisine experience during Jewish tours in Israel, there are numerous establishments you can explore to savor these exceptional dishes.

Recommended restaurants and street foods to be added in Israel Itinerary:


  • Chummus Eliyahu
  • Cafe Gan Sipur (Sacher Park)
  • Cafe Rimon (Ben Yehuda)
  • Lechem Basar
  • Rodriguez Restaurant Grill Bar
  • Ricotta
  • Anthony’s Pizza
  • Picolino
  • Atza Sushi


  • Avi’s Restaurant 
  • El Rancho
  • Sin Chan
  • Mama Mia
  • Reffaello
  • Kimmel
  • Galie Gil


  • Elements Cafe
  • HaAri 8
  • Seudat Gan Edet
  • Schnitzeliya
  • Falafel Hakikar
  • Ronen at Azmara


  • Kiortosh
  • Bucke Cafe
  • Carrousel
  • Happiness Joint
  • Pizza Salsa
  • La Carne

Tel Aviv:

  • Cà Phê Hanoi
  • Dvora
  • Florentina
  • Bodega American Kitchen
  • Pankina


  • Shipudei Eilat Restaurant
  • Olla
  • Baruch Hadayag
  • Omer’s
  • Lawrence
  • Zipporah Skewers Badatz Kosher


Jerusalem’s culinary scene is a true paradise for food lovers, offering an abundance of options that can leave you spoiled for choice. 

If you find yourself unsure about where to begin your culinary journey in this vibrant city, you’re not alone. 

With so many incredible dining options available, don’t hesitate to seek recommendations from locals or your hotel’s reception. 

Make sure to incorporate this heaven into your Israel itinerary, as it promises to be a memorable destination for satisfying your taste buds.

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