Israel is a magnificent gold mine of Jewish history and culture, teeming with significant locations that entice tourists from around the world. It might be difficult to know where to start when on a Jewish tour in Israel because there is so much to see and do. There are countless sites to discover, ranging from the historic and religiously significant old city of Jerusalem to the breathtaking and lively Golan.

Here are 10 essential stops for Jewish families to travel in Israel, by Plan it israel:

1. Safed
Safed israel Planitisrael

Safed, a mystical city nestled in Israel, is widely regarded as a premier destination for exploring Jewish heritage. Its hallowed grounds boast the gravesites of revered Jewish spiritual leaders, such as Meir Baal HaNes, beckoning visitors to delve deeper into the intricate nuances of Jewish mysticism. Safed has emerged as a central hub for the study of Kabbalah and Jewish learning, attracting scholars and enthusiasts alike. The city’s cobblestone streets are a treasure trove of Jewish culture, featuring numerous studios showcasing the works of talented Jewish artists. Safed represents an enchanting and indispensable stop for any Jewish family in Israel.

2. Galilee

The Galilee region in Israel is steeped in significance for Jewish pilgrimage, with a rich tapestry of archaeological ruins and historical landmarks. Jewish Tours in Israel can explore the shores of the Sea of Galilee, one can find some of the earliest kibbutzim whereas Tiberias, situated on the western shores, holds a place of great reverence as one of the four holy cities of Judaism. Within its borders lies the notable Etz Chaim synagogue. The Beth Alpha synagogue offers a fascinating glimpse into Jewish history, with its unique mosaics adorning the floors and walls, narrating tales of a bygone era.

3. Jerusalem: 

Jerusalem is a must-visit destination for the Jewish due to its deep historical significance. As the holiest city in Judaism, Jerusalem boasts a plethora of holy sites such as the Kotel, King David’s Tomb, and the Jewish Quarter. The Old City is a treasure trove of Jewish history, while the Mahane Yehuda market offers a glimpse into modern Jewish culture and cuisine.  

4. The Negev Region: 

There are several Jewish heritage sites and natural wonders in the Negev region, which is a desert wilderness in southern Israel. This region is home to breathtaking natural formations and sceneries, such as the majestic stronghold perched atop a hill, Masada, which has had a profound impact on Jewish history. Jewish Tours offers the opportunity to feel the singular sensation of floating in the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea, which are well-known for their therapeutic benefits in Israel. The Negev also provides chances for hiking, rock climbing, and other outdoor pursuits in the abrasive desert landscape for those looking for adventure.

5. Judea and Samaria
Judea and Samaria israel

Judea and Samaria, also known as the West Bank can be an enriching experience for Jewish families as the region is steeped in history and religion. They can also enjoy the unique cultural experiences of the region, such as sampling delicious local cuisine and interacting with the friendly and welcoming communities

6. Yad Vashem: 

Yad Vashem serves as the world center for documentation, research, education, and commemoration of the Holocaust. The museum features exhibits, archives, and memorials that provide a comprehensive history of the Holocaust, including personal stories of victims and survivors. Jewish families visit Yad Vashem to pay their respects and connect with their history, as well as to educate themselves and future generations about the atrocities that occurred during the Holocaust. It serves as a solemn reminder of the importance of tolerance, acceptance, and the protection of human rights.

7. Masada: 

The site is a fortress situated on a plateau overlooking the Dead Sea, and it was the site of a significant battle between Jewish rebels and Roman forces in 73 CE. Jewish families visit Masada to pay their respects to the courageous rebels who sacrificed their lives to defend their beliefs and to remember the importance of standing up for one’s values and principles, even in the face of overwhelming adversity.

8. The Dead Sea:

The medicinal and restorative benefits of the Dead Sea are well known. Numerous skin problems, including psoriasis and eczema, have been documented to improve due to the water and mud’s distinct mineral makeup and high concentration of salt. Because of this, a lot of Jewish families visit the Dead Sea to take advantage of its therapeutic qualities as well as to unwind and revitalize in the serene surroundings.

9. Golan

The Golan Heights in Israel is a must-visit destination for Jewish families due to its rich history and cultural significance. The area is also renowned for its natural beauty, with stunning landscapes, waterfalls, and outdoor activities such as kayaking, biking, and skiing. The Golan boasts an exceptional wine industry, where visitors can tour local wineries and taste some of the region’s finest wines. Moreover, families seeking a peaceful and relaxing vacation away from the city’s hustle and bustle can enjoy the serene setting of the Golan. 

10. Tel Aviv:

The city is home to many historical and religious sites, including the Great Synagogue and the Beit Hatfutsot Museum, and it has a rich history of Jewish culture. Families looking for a combination of action and relaxation will also find Tel Aviv to be the perfect destination because to its world-class restaurants, vibrant markets, and stunning beaches. It’s a fantastic base from which to see the remainder of Israel, which includes the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, and other significant historical and religious locations. Overall, many Jewish families find attraction in Tel Aviv’s distinctive fusion of modernity and tradition.


Israel is a country with a rich cultural and historical significance for Jewish families.

Planit Israel offers the Best Jewish Tours in Israel. These places include holy sites, cultural activities and historical landmarks that provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the Jewish people’s history and traditions.

Additionally, Israel’s natural landscapes and culinary offerings are a highlight for many visitors. Traveling in Israel can be an enriching experience for their families, allowing them to deepen their connection to their roots and gain a greater understanding of their heritage.

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Published May 10, 2023

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