Traveling to Israel during times of conflict can be safe and enjoyable plan right and stay informed with Plan it Israel.

In a world where Gallus is still upon us, and uncertainty fills us when we try to plan our trips to
Israel during these challenging times, it’s natural to feel hesitant.

Israel, a country we don’t give up visiting, has unfortunately seen its share of conflict over the
years. Yet we believe Israel is the place Hashem is closer to than anywhere in the world, and
has special Shmira from above. Moreover, Israel’s military, one of the most highly trained and
capable in the world, is dedicated to ensuring the safety of its citizens and visitors.

So, how can you plan a safe and enjoyable trip to Israel during times of conflict?

We’ll explore this reassuring theme, highlighting the importance of well-thought-out plans , all
with the help of Plan it Israel.

Understanding you are safe in Israel

The first thing to know is that although there is conflict it isn’t everywhere in Israel. Depending
on where you go, you may not feel “war” at all. Avoid areas in the south and near Palestinian
territories and you will feel perfectly safe. Remember, reading the news from far portrays a
dramatized perspective on the real situation in Israel.

Staying Informed & Planning Ahead

Staying central and planning right are key components of a safe trip to Israel. Here’s how you
can plan a trip to Israel.

Stay Updated:

Keep an eye on the news and the situation on the ground. The Israeli
government, along with the IDF, provides real-time updates on security situations. Knowing the
latest developments will help you make informed decisions.

Choose the Right Time:

Planning your trip during periods of relative calm is a wise decision.
While it’s impossible to predict the future, periods of conflict ebb and flow. Consulting with a
travel expert at Plan it israel can help you choose the best time for your visit.

Customized Itinerary:

Plan it Israel specializes in creating tailored itineraries that take into
account the current security situation. They can recommend safe areas to visit and ensure that
your trip aligns with security recommendations.

Safety Measures to Follow

Besides relying on the proficiency of the Plan it Israel, there are certain safety measures you
can take as a traveler:

Register with Your Embassy:

Before your trip, it’s advisable to register with your country’s
embassy in Israel. This allows them to keep you informed and provide assistance if necessary.

Stay in Central Locations:

Choose accommodations in the central and well-traveled areas of
cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. These areas are usually well-protected and less likely to be
affected by any conflict.

Avoid Border Areas:

While Israel’s borders are an integral part of its history, it’s best to avoid
areas close to the borders of neighboring countries during times of conflict.

Local Knowledge:

Utilize the expertise of local guides who are well-versed in the region’s
history and current dynamics. They can provide valuable insights and ensure that you
experience the culture while staying safe.

Have an Emergency Plan:

It’s essential to have an emergency plan in place. Know the location
of your country’s embassy or consulate, have local emergency numbers saved, and ensure you
have access to healthcare if needed.

Travel Insurance:

Secure comprehensive travel insurance that covers any unforeseen
incidents during your trip.

Experiencing the Rich Culture of Israel

Now that we’ve discussed safety measures and planning, let’s focus on the incredible
experiences Israel has to offer:

Historical Sites:

Israel is home to numerous historical sites, including Masada, Caesarea, and
Ellah valley. Explore these iconic landmarks with knowledgeable guides.

Kevarim and Holy sites:

From the Kotel to Kever Rachel, Israel is saturated with spiritual and
meaningful places that are a must for every Jew.

Natural Wonders:

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Israel’s stunning natural wonders, from
the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth, to the picturesque landscapes of the Galilee region.

Local Markets:

Wander through vibrant markets like Mahane Yehuda in Jerusalem or Carmel
Market in Tel Aviv. These bustling hubs offer an authentic taste of daily life in Israel.


Traveling to Israel during times of conflict can be safe and enjoyable if you plan right and stay
informed. The strength and expertise of the Israeli Defense Forces, along with the assistance of
travel expert Plan it israel, will help ensure your security.

Published November 10, 2023

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