Winter in Israel brings a unique charm, especially for those who appreciate the rich tapestry of Jewish culture. Explore Safed and the Galilee and immerse yourself in Jewish history. Discover the spiritual richness of Akko and the lively atmosphere of Haifa. Don’t forget to try tasty winter foods like shakshuka,hummus, and sufganiyot. Whether you like history or outdoor fun, Israel has something for everyone in winter. So, put on warm clothes and get ready for a fantastic winter adventure in Israel!

Weather and Temperature: Israel’s winter spans from December to mid-February, featuring mild temperatures between 9°C to 18°C. January is the coldest month, often falling below 13°C. The country offers a mild winter escape, especially in coastal cities like Tel Aviv and Haifa, where temperatures are warmer. However, colder conditions, occasionally with snow, characterize places like Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. It’s an appealing destination for those seeking respite from harsh winters elsewhere.

Crowd-Free Experience:

Winter serves as the off-season, translating to fewer crowds and shorter lines at popular attractions, allowing for a more relaxed and authentic experience.

Cost Savings:

Because it is less popular to visit Israel in the winter, flights, accommodations, and tours are offered at a reduced cost.

Diverse Outdoor Activities:

Winter introduces unique activities such as skiing in Golan Heights and desert strolls, catering to a variety of interests, from hiking and biking to skiing and snowboarding.

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Top Destinations to visit in Israel during winter include:


Explore the enchanting old city of Jerusalem, a must-visit destination in Israel. Dive into the historical and religious richness of landmarks, such as the Western Wall and City of David.


Eilat is a vibrant resort town at Israel’s southern tip along the Red Sea, which boasts a thriving nightlife. Renowned for pristine beaches and lively coral reefs, it’s a prime destination for winter snorkeling and scuba diving. With temperatures ranging from 18°C to 25°C, Eilat offers a warm escape for sunbathing and swimming. Key attractions include Coral Beach Nature Reserve, Underwater Observatory Marine Park, Timna National Park, Dolphin Reef, and the Eilat Promenade.


Situated in the Galilee mountains of Northern Israel, Zfat surprises visitors with its elevated location at 800 metres. As one of the Four Holy Cities, it merges Jewish mysticism and a lively art scene, making it a fascinating and budget-friendly destination for exploration. Key attractions include, the Winter Arts Festival, Ari Synagogue, snowy landscapes, and Abuhav Synagogue.

Golan Heights:

Embrace winter in Israel with skiing, hiking, and sunset views. Golan Heights offers nature reserves and ancient monuments, but the highlight is Mount Hermon. Experience skiing and snowman-building for a memorable winter getaway. 

Tel Aviv:

Tel Aviv, Israel’s cultural heart, doesn’t slowdown in winter. From dusk till dawn, barhopping through the city guarantees a memorable night out. Key attractions include Tel Aviv Beach, Jaffa Old City, Carmel Market, and Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

To conclude, Plan It Israel ensures a seamless journey to this year-round destination. With weather unpredictability in winter, we keep you informed, enabling optimal outdoor plans. Experience Israel’s captivating winter with Plan It Israel’s hassle-free planning.

Published January 4, 2024

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